10 interesting facts about hookah

Hookah is a smoking device, which conquered the hearts of users from all over the world. The time spent in an atmosphere of fragrant smoke is chosen by both young smokers and the older generation. What is the origin of this device? Are there interesting facts about hookah? Let’s discover a new side of the hookah, further in our article. After all, if you often use hookah pipes, then you will be interested to know more about hookah.

The history of hookahs, which dates back several centuries, often takes on many myths and unusual twists. So, the homeland of the smoking device is India. At that time, the device had an unusual flask, which was made from coconut shells. Holes were made in it, in which the pipe was installed. It was from this country that the tradition of spending time in a pleasant, smoky atmosphere spread to the countries of the East. So, they were appreciated by the Persians, then the device became popular in Egypt, Turkey, Syria and other countries.

Facts about hookah: top 10

True connoisseurs of hookah culture not only know the best tobacco, the reputation of brands and features of different designs, but also always have an interesting fact to tell about hookah. We offer the top ten facts.

  1. The largest hookah is recognized as a device with a height of 5 meters with a shaft diameter of about 1 meter and is located in a bar in sunny Los Angeles;
  2. 2 million gold francs – the value was the hookah of the King of Iran, in the early 20th century;
  3. Among the expensive rulers, the Swedish brand Desvall is famous for its products, they are made of ceramics, expensive alloys, decorated with precious stones by hand of masters;
  4. In some countries, smoking hookah was forbidden, and the presence of tobacco could cause the death penalty or brutal torture;
  5. Hookah tobacco mix consists only on 70 % directly from tobacco. Then there are additives: fruit mixes, molasses, etc. Such ratio decreases harmful effect of smoking on human body;
  6. The peak of the popularity of hookahs in Europe transition 19 – 20 centuries, when it was a sign of status for women to have a photo with a smoking device;
  7. Most of the manufacturing of smoking devices, even well-known brands, is concentrated in China. So do not worry if you saw this marking, it does not indicate poor quality;
  8. The first smoke products were made from the most unusual materials, often varying in size, shape and properties: coconut shells, pumpkins, flasks from clay, metal, crystal, foil and heat regulators, varieties of bowls, etc;
  9. Maamoon Khalil, the founder of the hookah company, worked in the field until he was 90 and then spent another 30 years of his life in the museum and restoration of cultural monuments;
  10. The process of hookah smoking in the East is compared to tea drinking. It is necessary to observe a relaxed state, not to hurry, to enjoy each puff, to try to maximize the properties of the chosen tobacco. Only this option, they believe, will help to feel the fullness of flavor and penetrate the mysterious atmosphere of the East.