Does Hookah Get You High?

After a hard and stressful day at work it is so important to have a good rest. That’s why many people prefer to use a hookah. Smoking aromatic smoke helps to relax and gives the evening a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the use of hookah is safer for health than regular cigarettes. The only question that so interests modern smokers […]

The Best Hookah Shisha Flavors of 2021

The modern market offers a huge number of brands specializing in the production of hookah tobacco. So it would seem that it is not difficult to find high-quality tobacco. In fact, the variety of offered goods confuses not only the beginners, not yet versed in this topic, but also experienced fans of smoke. We made a rating of The Best […]

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – brand review

Tangiers hookah tobacco is considered one of the best in the world. It is made from quality tobacco leaves, high strength and a wide range of flavors. This is one of the first strong tobaccos, which became popular around the world. But at the same time it belongs to the Kraft, its cost is high, because the production is not […]

Finding the Right Hookah Bowl for You

There are different models of hookah bowls with different designs, shapes and colors. The collection of bowls is very large and diverse. After numerous research samples of hookah bowls, we have collected all data into a single classification system of products on various grounds. So we will help in Finding the Right Hookah Bowl for You. All hookah bowls are […]

How to Clean a Hookah – Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning a hookah is an important aspect of using your shisha! Cleaning (washing) your hookah is essential not only to keep it looking clean, but also to prolong its life. In addition, proper care and timely cleaning from fouling is a guarantee of flavorful smoke without the “aftertaste” from past clogs. Therefore, to avoid residual odors, it is not superfluous […]