Does Hookah Get You High?

After a hard and stressful day at work it is so important to have a good rest. That’s why many people prefer to use a hookah. Smoking aromatic smoke helps to relax and gives the evening a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the use of hookah is safer for health than regular cigarettes. The only question that so interests modern smokers – how often you can use hookah so as not to harm your health? Let’s find out: Does Hookah Get You High or not?

The benefits of smoking hookah

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of the most diverse smoking devices. Traditional, glass, wooden or electronic – they all have a variety of design and their own features. It is important to choose a design which is attractive in appearance and easy to use. Only in this way you will feel all the advantages of a hookah. 

  • A wide range of flavors. Nowadays, you can buy hookah tobacco in a wide variety of flavors. Manufacturers have taken care to ensure that every smoker can choose for himself the variant that he will like. For example, on the shelves you can find smoking mixes with sweet (fruits, chocolate, desserts), sour (lime, berries), spicy (spices) and other flavors. Some brands have long moved away from the traditional options and offer bold and original mixes of flavors.
  • High-quality waterpipe tobacco is not bitter, as tobacco in an ordinary cigarette. This allows you to enjoy the process of smoking more.
  • Traditionally, hookah is smoked with water. That is how it is possible to get rid of most of the harmful substances that are in the smoke. For example, the smoking mix contains almost no phenol, whose vapors in a certain concentration are poisonous.
  • In addition, hookah tobacco does not burn, so it does not release carcinogenic substances.
  • A beautiful ritual that is so pleasant to share with your friends and family. Using a smoking device helps you relax and improves your mood.

How often can you smoke hookah so as not to harm your health?

Now we come to the key question, which can often be seen on various forums – how often should you still smoke hookah so that the device has manifested only its positive features and did not become harmful to health? A single answer in this situation, no one will give you. But some experts recommend smoking hookah smoke no more than three times a week. Otherwise, you may become addicted, which is already an unhealthy reaction to the device.

As for the single duration of smoking, it is also quite individual. However, it is better not to prolong this action for four or more hours. The main thing is a competent approach to smoking. A measure is very important here. Listen to your body, and then you will not harm it.