Finding the Right Hookah Bowl for You

There are different models of hookah bowls with different designs, shapes and colors. The collection of bowls is very large and diverse. After numerous research samples of hookah bowls, we have collected all data into a single classification system of products on various grounds. So we will help in Finding the Right Hookah Bowl for You.

All hookah bowls are classified 

  • by the nature of the material used to make the bowls (clay, ceramic, glass); 
  • by the features of fixing the cup to the hookah device (external and internal design); 
  • depending on the manufacturing company; 
  • by the characteristics and significant properties.   

The best material

Since ancient times, such materials as: clay, glass, ceramics have been used to make bowls. Bowls were made on the basis of metal, porcelain, alloys and other materials. Each type of material is able to give special properties to the future hookah bowl. Below are the most common materials.

  • Clay. Clay gives the bowl resistance to fire. During the smoking itself, the probability of igniting the tobacco is significantly reduced. The obvious disadvantages of such products is that clay-based bowls do not always have an attractive appearance, since they are made by hand. However, there are other types of products. A distinction is made between cups with a glazed coating, and without it. Products covered with glaze, after the first use, have no taste of clay, which can not be said about the unglazed coating. Manufacturers fire clay bowls, and the taste of the material is practically not felt. Tip for bowls based on clay material. After purchasing such a product, fire it with a gas burner or dip it under a stream of water.
  • Ceramics. In some cases, these bowls are made with a layer of enamel. Such bowls are made by a special technological process, so they are smooth in texture, flat and very carefully executed. Comparing clay bowls with ceramic products, ceramic is less resistant to heat, have a high thermal conductivity. Also, it is necessary to choose hookah charcoal carefully, because sudden ignition is very often possible when exposed to high temperatures. Ceramic bowls are the most common products for hookah, produced by such manufacturers.
  • Glass. Often manufacturers take borosilicate glass as a base for manufacturing bowls. One of the main advantages is resistance to heat and durability. Products are virtually indestructible when dropped and resistant to high temperatures. The most popular models of cups made of glass are: crown and egeglas cups. The cost of such products is quite high, and it is due to a fairly complex manufacturing process and lack of competitive models on the market. These bowls are quite difficult to buy. According to the method of attachment cups are external and internal. External bowls have an extended foot, located in the middle and going to the bottom, and to the bong they are attached to the top of the spout.