How to Clean a Hookah – Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning a hookah is an important aspect of using your shisha! Cleaning (washing) your hookah is essential not only to keep it looking clean, but also to prolong its life. In addition, proper care and timely cleaning from fouling is a guarantee of flavorful smoke without the “aftertaste” from past clogs. Therefore, to avoid residual odors, it is not superfluous to know: how to clean a hookah so as not to damage it. Here is our How to Clean a Hookah – Complete Step-by-Step Guide.

The most important question, especially for beginners – how to wash a hookah? The answer is unambiguous – in no case do not use detergents. Otherwise, it will happen so that from old smells you will get rid, but there will be new ones from household chemicals, which are completely incompatible with the aroma of the smoking mixture. In addition, artificial fragrances are so long-lasting that your favorite smoking device will most likely have to be replaced with a new one. One of the recommended ways to remove dirt is an aqueous solution of citric acid or baking soda. But even here you need to be careful – the material of some parts of the hookah can react with acid and, in a sense, suffer.

Sequence of actions

  1. How to wash a hookah bowl. The main thing is not to use brushes or other hard or scratching objects. It is enough to put the bowl for some time in hot water, and then bring it under a strong water stream and clean the holes with a soft brush (cotton swab or cloth napkin). You can use brushes, but without much enthusiasm. 
  2. Cleaning the flask. First, you need to pour the liquid out of it. Then make a strong soda solution and pour it into the flask. After closing the holes with your fingers, shake well. You can use a special brush, because the glass is not scratched. In the event that plaque remains, use vinegar and/or universal cleaning cloths (with lint). They will remove the stain and return the glass to its former appearance. 
  3. Wash the hose and the mouthpiece. The hose should be given special attention because it is the one that absorbs odors the most. According to the rules, it is recommended to wash the silicone hose under running warm water after every smoking. The method of cleaning the mouthpiece depends on the material from which it is made. For example, for wooden ones, water is an aggressive environment, so you should not keep them under water for a long time, but just wipe with a damp cloth (inside – with a cotton swab). Glass and metal ones are easy to clean with hot water and baking soda, using a brush. 
  4. How to wash the main part of the hookah – the shaft. So, if allowed by the manufacturer, take baking soda and a thin brush. Dip the wet brush in baking soda and clean all the holes of the shaft. After that, rinse the shaft under running hot water. You can use (very carefully) a wire wrapped with a soft, lint-free rag. 

If you really want to keep your smoking device in excellent condition, use special products for cleaning hookahs: they wash better, do not leave a deposit and aftertaste.