Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – brand review

Tangiers hookah tobacco is considered one of the best in the world. It is made from quality tobacco leaves, high strength and a wide range of flavors. This is one of the first strong tobaccos, which became popular around the world. But at the same time it belongs to the Kraft, its cost is high, because the production is not mass production. This is Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – brand review, learn its features, benefits, flavors.

History of appearance

Tangiers tobacco appeared in the United States, in the city of San Diego. The brand was founded quite a long time ago. The founder of the brand is Eric Hoffman. He has a college degree in chemistry, and successfully applied it to create a unique flavor and richness of his product. The original consistency of crushed tobacco, perfectly infused with molasses and natural flavors, has a high heat resistance and strength.

The uniqueness of the history of the creation of Tangiers tobacco is that it is shrouded in legends. The fact that Eric Hoffman carefully hides from cameras and journalists. There are legends that Tangiers is made in a small garage-type room. That’s why it is so expensive, because the production is craft. Is this true? No one knows for sure. In any case, Tangiers tobacco has become famous all over the world and is still a leader among strong hookah tobaccos.

Features of Tangiers tobacco

Tangiers tobacco has a number of features. It is truly unique and every lover of dense smoke should try it. The first and most important feature of tobacco for hookah Tangiers – the use of tobacco leaf variety Burley. Its peculiarity is that it retains the strength. The product turns out very strong, and not everyone will be able to smoke it in its pure form. But at the same time, for a wide coverage of the market, manufacturers have released 4 different lines, differing in strength:

  • Birquq. This is a new line that came to replace the Lucid line. It includes 37 flavors, the peculiarity is that the tobacco is low in nicotine. It uses unflushed tobacco, so the strength is still felt.
  • Noir. The original line, the most common. Counts 93 flavors, the tobacco is quite strong. 
  • Burley. This line has 13 flavors, and it is the strongest. Want to feel all the power of Tangiers hookah tobacco? Be sure to try this line of flavors.
  • F-line. A medium strength line that contains caffeine. There are rumors that it is discontinued and will no longer be produced, but the official website of the company does not say anything about this.